Over the next year, we will endeavor to refine the production process in order to release a more high-profile and ambitious slate of productions. Trifecta is currently in various stages of production on a number of feature films including:

Posing As Bardot

POSING AS BARDOT centers around three twenty-something female friends, Sam, Alex and Mel. After a series of disastrous events, the three women decide they need to get away from it all,taking off on a whim for a weekend in Las Vegas. There they encounter Victor, a mysterious charismatic older gentleman whom the ladies immediately enjoy partying and gambling with. When Victor disappears for a while, the women go in search of him, only to find him dead in their hotel room and two very dangerous men, Seth and Jimmy, wanting answers and their "lost money." Having no idea who these men are, or what money they are talking about, the women scramble back to L.A. with Seth and Jimmy hot on their trail! The whirlwind has begun and our heroines find themselves lost in a web of murder, drugs, sex and money. In order to survive, they must make their way through the underground world of L.A.'s fetish clubs and after-hours. It is here that they encounter strange and outrageous characters like the drag queen Jorge who gives them his philosophy on love and life on the big stage while posing as Marilyn, Madonna and of course Bardot! They also unwillingly become involved with Dominique, a troubled dominatrix with a secret, who helps run this underworld, a dark and exciting world that emerges while most of the city is asleep.Through their adventure, the women's friendships are tested and it takes all that they have just to get back to the lives they were trying to escape.

Kozy Bear & The Feefers

Kozy Bear & The Feefers is a live action/animated/puppet series aimed at preschool viewers (ages one to five). The goal of the series is to teach children practical English language skills through the use of original music and creative characters in a highly entertaining and innovative manner.

Kozy Bear & The Feefers takes full advantage of the natural wonder children have when presented with new ideas. The character of Kozy Bear acts as a friend/teacher who leads the children on an exciting and wondrous journey. The Feefers represent the children themselves. Always curious and anxious to learn and try new things, while getting into mischief (of course!) and having fun!

Children naturally relate and are drawn to Kozy Bear & The Feefers for the reasons described above. By combining well developed characters with original music, and by using the researched technique of repetitive memory cues, children are easily developing and acquiring practical English language skills for both primary and secondary language speakers. The original songs introduced by Kozy Bear & The Feefers are directly transferable to spoken English. They have been carefully researched and practiced, enabling children to learn quickly. Some fun episode themes/songs introduce basic greetings, the weather, words for safety in crossing the road, and even words for tidying up! More advanced themes/songs introduce skills for getting dressed, speaking in the past and present tense with easy to remember songs about activities in a day, and skills for using the 6Ws (who, what, when, which, why, where).

Kozy Bear & The Feefers also introduces basic English reading skills. Beginning with phonics (the association of speech sounds with printed symbols) the series provides many ways in which children can become used to reading simple words.

This educational philosophy is based on the bilingual education research of Simon Downes, PhD.


Treasure Island

A European family is under attack on the high seas, as a group of pirates attack their small vessel. Fleeing for their lives, a lifeboat is set sail containing young John and Catherine. A week later the children find themselves marooned on a deserted tropical island. Much to their surprise, John and Catherine find that the island is inhabited by a wayward old seaman, Jim Hawkins. Jim capitvates the children about a buried treasure and a map that will help them get off the Island. Determined, the children use their wits and instincts not only to locate the treasure but to fend off an unsuspecting attack by a band of treacherous pirates. The climactic battle between the children and the pirates is laced with coconut bombs, boobie traps and runaway palm trees.

" Home Alone," on a deserted Island.


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