Mission Statement

TRIFECTA Productions is committed to creating cutting edge, dynamic and entertaining independent feature films. We will focus on producing films that tell great stories and appeal to a wide audience.

Equally important is the Company's commitment to building a sound infrastructure that supports the continued production of high quality filmed product.

Competitive Advantage

  • Focus on cutting edge dynamic entertainment, with a commitment to create enduring brands - "franchises". Using a brand approach allows the company to spread marketing expenditures over multiple projects and create a ready-made market for subsequent products.

  • Develop co-production or co-financing relationships for each feature film project. This approach allows the company to reduce initial cash outlays while retaining ownership rights in every product it produces as well as build an extensive library of enduring feature films that provide continuous revenue streams.

  • Produce feature films with budgets ranging from $1 - $10 million that deliver maximum production values. By using a portfolio approach, the company will minimize investment risk and increase returns for investors.

  • Develop alternative distribution systems. Current management has experience in direct-to-consumer marketing and applies this expertise in the entertainment area.

  • TRIFECTA will develop and create its own projects in-house, without incurring "major studio" expenses. TRIFECTA generates their own scripts and makes the films, therefore bypassing the expensive development process.

  • Because of TRIFECTA'S experience they have developed relationships with name actors and are able to package films with "A-list stars" helping to ensure a high level of bankability in both domestic and foreign markets.

Positioning Strategy

  • TRIFECTA Productions will focus exclusively on building greater asset value through the production and acquisition of high-quality feature films.

  • TRIFECTA Productions has created a business model that will allow the company to grow profitably and reach stated financial performance goals by tapping the full potential of the steadily increasing library assets and by aggressively enhancing the value of its proprietary rights.

  • TRIFECTA Productions will achieve this through the creation and implementation of innovative strategic marketing initiatives.

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